St. Jude (Back Bush)


Consistent with St. Jude’s strategic plan,  the following activities have been carried out:

  1. Cassava farm projectduring the period of service at Back Bush, three (3) acres of cassava farm.
  2. Coal project this project was basically identified in 2015 to support the funds raising program and to win souls as well.
  3. Land ownership Fifteen point three (15.3) acres of land have been purchased by the St. Jude
  4. Scholarship programSt. Jude, with support from St. Stephen, has been providing financial support to thirty (30) students attending the Ye Sumo School. Students who complete level (8th grade) and are transferred to Monrovia for schooling, are usually recommended to the St. Stephen scholarship program for continuity.
  5. Adult Literacy Programin keeping with St. Stephen’s vision (Vision 2020), an adult literacy program has been introduced in Back Bush to assist adults who have had no formal education as a way of improving their lives.
  6. Accommodation “Rectory” Projectthe construction of three (3) bedroom structure to accommodate the clergy and other guests where possible has been undertaken. The St. Jude Administrative Committee who sponsored the project.
  7. Diocesan ConventionSt. Jude had the opportunity to send eleven persons, with support from St. Stephen, to observe the diocesan convention in February 2016.
  8. Evangelism St. Jude has been able to identify and engage in specific activities under the evangelistic program to include the following:

  a. Training St. Stephen supported six (6) person from from Back-bush to attend an organized evangelistic      training program
b. Revival Consistent with St. Stephen’s vision plan, the St Jude outreach carried out a 5 day revival in the rural part of Arthington.
  c. Visitationwe have made it our business to visit members who really need some spiritual help.
  d. Sports The St. Jude football team has been organized. This is drawing together a lot of young people and enhancing our fellowship. Sports has the power to unite people. The team has grown to include the girls’ team as well.
e. Living the family lifepart of the way we evangelize is to allow the people feel our presence as if to say we  are really living together as a family. We work together, eat, and do many things in common. Including Bro. and Sis.  Peter M. Collins who donated some used cloths for distribution to deserving persons.

f. Medical EvangelismThe St. Stephen Medical Evangelism Committee headed by Sis. Dr. Roseda Marshall-Ochello visited Back Bush and provided free medical services to children and adults. About 200 community dwellers attended. Of that number, 140 persons were served while the remaining persons, who anticipated an eye checkup, were arranged for a later date due to the absence of the eye doctor on the medical team. Concentration was on blood pressure, diabetes, and oral cleaning.

  g. Children’s partyThe Outreach conducted a children fellowship program which brought together about 160 children who were both Christians and non-Christians from the surrounding. The one day event allowed them to play games of different kinds. The exercise was climaxed by the presentation of copybooks and other school materials plus awards to those who won special prizes. Thank God, for the St. Jude Administrative Committee who subsidized the program.

h. Donation of BicyclesPlanned Parenthood Association of Liberia formerly called Family Planning Association of Liberia donated four (4) used bicycles to St. Jude ministry through its treasurer Bro. Peter M. Collins. Four teachers are now personally using them and also helping to spread the gospel.