Lay Readers Guild

Lay Readers at St. Stephen Episcopal Church participate in both Sunday services in a spirit of joyful, reverent worship and services. their role, which is licensed by the Bishop, is to read one or both  Scripture lessons, lead the Psalm and Prayers  of the People and to assist the clergy in the administration of the Chalice during  Holy Communion. More than 15 men and women volunteer for these duties as part of the Guild of Lay Readers.

Members who form the Lay Reader’s Guild at St. Stephen Episcopal Church include:

  1. Bro. Alfred Mark
  2. Sis. Dr. D. Evelyn S. Kandakai
  3. Moth. Georgiana T. Williams
  4.  Bro. Clemenceau B. Urey
  5. Bro. Dr. Kenneth Y. Best
  6. Sis. Hawa Kimba
  7. Sis. Elian Dunn
  8. Sis. Jamesetta Howard Wolokolie
  9. Bro. Oscar Z. Kollie
  10. Bro. Tamba F. J. Johnson
  11. Bro. Alphanso S. Yarks
  12. Sis. Kaddieyatu Darrah Findley
  13. Sis. Tata M. Jaleibah Neal
  14. Sis. Wilhelmina B. Dahn
  15. Sis. Elever M. F. Tarr
  16. Bro. Dieudonne K. Perry
  17. Bro. Calvin Doe
  18.  Bro. A-Too Bedell
  19. Sis. Wade Brownell