Membership Committee

Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall work with the evangelistic team to develop enrollment of membership in the Parish. The committee shall determine qualifications required for active, associate and subscribing membership, and the terms and privileges thereof. The membership committee shall report on matters of interest at Vestry meetings of the Parish.

The committee play an important role in offering information about SSEC activities and events. This on going hospitality role includes reaching out to new members to ensure they can be involved as part of the SSEC family.

Membership Committee Functions

Assisting with Membership contact (Possible types of contacts listed below)

  1. Contact prospective members by phone to invite and remind them about SSEC events
  2. Contact all new active members personally by phone
  3. Contact delinquent members and encourage them to attend service

To increase Active Membership by 20%

1. Establish a general reward system like Launching an “I am an Active Member” campaign, with stickers, pins etc
2. Publish a parish directory (include photos and ads to raise funds)
3. Developing a way of awarding/appreciating active members for each quarter of the year by annually planning and  executing honoring program with the involvement of representatives of the different organizations/ committees