Media/Publication Committee

The Media and Publication committee is an essential part of St Stephen Episcopal Church. This committee is responsible for all news related to activities, including the Radio programs establishment of a website for the parish and the production of periodic newsletter of the church. Effective use of the media plays an important role in communicating the gospel in a dynamic way.

As a volunteer development plan, recruiting and training volunteers is key  to a successful media ministry.  specified process for bringing in new volunteers to the ministry is paramount. In addition existing volunteers must get on-going training as  technology evolves and there are new ways of doing things.

1. To Increase Active Membership by 20% annually.
2. To recruit new Members.

1. Regular group text messaging to members
2. Develop web presence for SSEC website, social networking.
3. Newspaper outreach (beginning in Observer and Parrot)
4. By supporting the plans of the Evangelism Committee