Evangelism Committee

The primary objective of the parish is to win souls to Christ. This committee is responsible to design and implement outreach programs in communities and by so doing encourage membership enrollment in the Parish.

1. To increase Active Membership
2. To Recruit new Members
3. To expand & increase the scope of evangelism

1. The formation of a Pastoral Visitation Team
2. Regular visitation and calls to absent members
3. All new members to do an interview while attending the New Membership Classes
4. Workshop/Training on “Discovering your Spiritual Gifts/ Talents”
5. One-on-One Disciple making seminar with a cross section of the church’s organizations
6. Special lectures series with Biblical backing that addresses relevant felt needs
7. Easter & Christmas Seasons, Evangelism outreach between 11th and 9th streets
8. A designated Sunday for interaction, after worship service, with non-members around snacks
9. Special services, apart from the Sundays Liturgical Services, only for Worship and Praise
10. Strengthen prayer Ministry
11. Establish a Hospital Ministry
12. Establish a Prison Ministry
13. Produce a statistic of number of lost soul won within a period, each month
14. An Evangelism Committee leadership workshop
15. Designate Evangelism Committee representatives in each church organization
16. One -0n-one Disciple making Seminar with a cross section of the church’s organizations
17. Train an active Evangelism work force of at least 30 members
18. Evangelism and Discipleship Training for the church