Activities of Organizations

Welfare committee
1. Recruit and replace 3 inactive members
2. Production of brochures to create awareness on the welfare committee., the church etc-quarterly
3. Strengthen the welfare ministry (increase interventions)
4. Improve on the Sick and shut-in service.

Usher Guild 
1. Each member brings one member drive
2. Gospel tract distribution by our department combined with St. Stephen Youth’s Shop Gallery
3. Encourage on due payment
4. Annual bake sales, October each year
5. Produce statistics of number of lost soul won within a period, each month
6. Public evangelistic campaign, door to door, etc.

Sunday School
1. Regular training program for teachers followed by specific responsibilities
2. Organize a curriculum that would serve as a guide to both teachers and students
3. Children’s participation in regular services geared toward encouraging parents participation e.g 5th  Sunday
4. Create database to include the name of children, their parents and contact etc
5. Sunday School will then effect the each one brings one program
6. Community Site seeing program
7. Refreshment on every fifth Sunday for children

St.Stephen Episcopal Church Women (SSECW)
1. Reactivate Welfare program visit inactive members, sick bereaved etc
2. Each one brings one
3. Honoring program (each woman is painted by her husband) on a Sunday

St.Stephen Episcopal Church Men (SSECM)
1. SSECM regular retreat that will educate men on their role in Christ Church, at least twice
2. Regular visitation to members
3. Evangelism-each one brings one
4. Community Fellowship (the church’s vicinity) at least 3 times a year
5. Recognition/Honoring Program (Nov. 29)
6. Annual Men’s Walk
7. Encourage and improve on Bible study-eventually take control

Old Road Outreach
1. Developing database of all registered members
2. All new members to do an interview while attending the new membership classes
3. Visitation and calls to absent members
4. Regular weekly Bible studies and Prayer meetings
5. Workshop/Training on “Discovering your spiritual Gifts/Talents”
6. To purchase a church land through
         a. Easter Musical Concert
b. Christmas Musical Concert
c. printing a 2013 calendar for fund raising
d. Every last Sunday-special land offering
e. 10% of any money raised in the church by any organization goes towards the purchase of the land
7. Second Sundays special services for the unreached and non-members (Old Rd Ministry)
8. Using comment-response cards to track and follow-up all visitors (Old Rd Ministry)
9. 2nd Sundays interaction, after worship service, with the unreached and non members  (Old Rd Ministry)
10.  Invite speakers to speak on motivational , life changing topics at the Sunday services (Old Rd Ministry)
11. Three to four days of evangelism outreach during the Easter and Christmas seasons (Old Rd Ministry)

Girls Friendly Society (GFS) 
1.Hire a permanent teacher to teach the girls regularly
2.To categorize the girls in three groups based on age range (7-11), (12-17) and (18-25).
Purchase more working materials
     i. oven (1)
     ii. sewing machine (1)
     iii. Sewing kit (1)
     iv. others
3. Institute Career Day Program to include parishioners and community members in a Sunday service – funds will be raised as well
4. Clean up campaigns at parishioners’ homes
5. Effect sponsors’ contribution  annually
6. Sale of cookie and soft drinks on every Sunday plus others
7. Produce and sell greeting cards (Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving etc)
8. Institute Career Day Program to include parishioners and community members in a Sunday service- funds will be raised as well
9. Organize different dramas depicting different situations (ills) in church and society at large
10.Organize sets of uniforms for the GFS for use at different occasions

1. The formation of a Pastoral Visitation Team
2. Regular visitation and calls to absent members
3. All new members to do an interview while attending the New Membership Classes
4. Workshop/Training on “Discovering your Spiritual Gifts/ Talents”
5. One-on-One Disciple making seminar with a cross section of the church’s organizations
6. Special lectures series with Biblical backing that addresses relevant felt needs
7. Easter & Christmas Seasons, Evangelism outreach between 11th and 9th streets
8. A designated Sunday for interaction, after worship service, with the unchurched and non-members around snacks
9. Special services, apart from the Sundays Liturgical Services, only for Worship and Praise
10. Strengthen prayer Ministry
11. Establish a Hospital Ministry
12. Establish a Prison Ministry
13. Produce a statistic of number of lost soul won within a period, each month
14. An Evangelism Committee leadership workshop
15. Designated Evangelism Committee representatives in each church organization
16. One -0n-one Disciple making Seminar with a cross section of the church’s organizations
17. Train an active Evangelism work force of at least 30 members
18. Evangelism and Discipleship Training for the church

Altar Guild 
1. Conduct regular teaching programs with the use of the church bulletins, workshops, and retreats
2. Evaluate members quarterly
3. Organize and carry out parish recognition program once a year. At this time, active members will be recognized based on certain criteria
4. Each member brings one person
5. Visitation of parishioners and their relatives who are sick or bereaved

1. Improve on the youth data base to encourage non active members
2. Constituting a proactive Welfare group
3. To respond to the Evangelistic training programs
4. Organize and carry out community evangelism at least twice a year, 12th, 20th, & 24th Streets
5. Annual Youth Week
6. Regular Youth Due Payment
7. St. Stephen Youth’s Shop Gallery
8. Organize Youth Retreats
9. Institute the  Each one brings one drive

1. Visitation to old and new Choristers, it includes bereaved, sick and evangelism
2. Retreat and workshop/Refresher
3. Annual serenade and fellowship
4. Combined song service
5. Combined Christmas Cantata
6. Combined concert

Acolyte Guild 
1. Organize Retreats annually for teaching purpose
2. Improve Acolyte Year End Fellowship financially & morally
3. Recognize hard working acolyte
4. Improve on the number of trainer ( at least two)
5. Provide breakfast for acolytes who attend both services
6. By supporting the plans of the Evangelism Committee

Building & Grounds
1. Upgrade Church Facilities such as :
        a. The parish hall
b. The library to be used for conferences (feasibility study)

Media & Publicity
1. Regular group text messaging to members
2. Develop web presence for SSEC website, social networking, etc
3. Newspaper outreach (beginning in Observer and Parrot)
4. By supporting the plans of the Evangelism Committee

Medical Evangelism 
1.Free medical evaluation
2. Medical evangelism health talk

Membership Committee
1. Establish a general reward system like Launching an “I am an Active Member” campaign, with stickers, pins etc
2. Publish a parish directory (include photos and ads to raise funds)
3. Developing a way of awarding/appreciating active members for each quarter of the year by annually planning and executing honoring program with the involvement of representatives of the different organizations/ committees

Scholarship Committee
1. Payment to beneficiaries should be on time; regular financial records showing contributions and balances; Scholarship beneficiaries must be active members of the church in any one of the organizations
2. Organize Annually Scholarship Day to honor students and donors and raise funds for the regular operation
3. Target other parishioners in the church to serve as sponsors
Stewardship Committee
1. Run a targeted stewardship drive-targeting particular members of the church
2. Partnership with some charitable organizations in Liberia & the Diaspora to improve our sponsorship, Welfare programs& others
3. Conduct teachings & encourage on giving (tithe, pledge, offering etc) for children and parents of both St. Stephen & Old road Outreach; where necessary, print tithe and pledge books.