Activities Calendar

Altar Guild

Activities                                                         Date      
1. Workshop                                                April/30/2017
2. Mother’s day Program                         May/8/2017
3. Regular Monthly Meetings                 2nd Sunday of each month
4. Diocesan Altar Guild Meeting           2nd Thursday of every month
5. General clean up                                  Every Saturday  July , 2017
6. Retreat                                                   July, 2017
7. Picnic                                                      November, 2017
8. Candle light service                             Christmas Eve

Girls Friendly Society (GFS)

Activities                                                                                                    Date
1.Teaching skills, crafts & discussions                                    Saturdays (1:30 – 3:30 P.M)
2.Clean up of church compound                                              Every last Saturday in the month
3.Snacks, soft drink, & water sale                                            Sundays
4.GFS awareness week                                                               February, 2017
5.Retreat                                                                                       May /14/ 2017
6.Planting of flowers                                                                  May /28 /2017
7.Admission services                                                                 July /31/ 2017
8.Career day and fundraising                                                 July /31/ 2017    
9.Workshop                                                                                 August /13/ 2017
10.World day of prayers                                                           September /25/ 2017
11.Drama & Praise dance                                                         November /29/ 2017
12.Community outreach, Sporting Activities occasion
13.GFS Home coming                                                                December 22/23, 2017

St.Stephen Episcopal Church Women (SSECW)

Activities                                                                                                                                  Date
1.ECW Meeting (1st Sunday of the month)                                                               After noon service at SSEC
2.Easter luncheon meeting (Easter Sunday)                                                            During the service
3.Advisory Council meeting (Last Friday in the month)                                       At the hour of 3:00
4.ECWL prayer hour (Every 3rd Friday of the month)                                          As per venue decided
5.Program/ECWL (E. Dweh Wiles Birth Anniversary)                                          July /10/ 2017
6.Prayer hour (ECWL) (Advisory Council)                                                               September /16/ 2016-SSEC
7.Visitation to Non-Episcopal church (Ecumenical Sunday)                                October /30/ 2017
8.Program (ECWL) (Remembrance Day)                                                                  Nov. /26/ 2017 – Bromley Mission
9.Corporate communion & Fellowship breakfast (Pre- Advent —ECWL)         November /26/ 2017


Activities                                                   Date                                     Purpose
1.Tarry                                                       Feb /24/ 2017                  Present the new leadership
2.Bond fire                                                Mar /17/ 2017                  Strengthen & improve the cordial working relationship
3.Career Development Workshop       Apr /8/ 2017                     How to select & build a sustainable Career
4.Outreach (Evangelism)                       May /19-21/2017             Create awareness on Evangelism
5.EYCMR Visitation                               June /11/ 2017
6.Annual Youth Retreat                         Aug /23-27/ 2017               To define the role of the youth in the Church
7.Revival                                                   Sept /14-16/ 2017                To reignite & strengthen relationship with God
8.Marathon                                              Sept /23/ 2017                     To create awareness for peace, reconciliation & unity
9.Annual Youth Week                           Oct /30 –Nov 5/ 2017         To reflect on challenges  lessons & share experiences
10.Year End Fellowship                        Jan /13/ 2018                       A together fellowship to celebrate the previous years.