The founding of St. Stephen Church was an outgrowth of an idea initially expressed by Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Preston. In early 1952, the couple extended an invitation to a few other Christians to hold prayer meetings and sing praises to the Lord at their residence in Sinkor, Monrovia. This was cognizance to the fact that there was transportation impediment faced by several Episcopalians at that time living in the Sinkor vicinity to frequently worship at either St. Thomas or Trinity Cathedral.

Rev. Canon A-Too Williams and the late Sis. Maria Catherine Woods Brownell the last founding member of St Stephen Episcopal Church after her honoring program in 2016.

The Last founding member of St. Stephen Episcopal Church. Sis. Maria Catherine Woods Brownell (RIP) during her honoring program at the church she helped to found.

The successful holding of these regular religious meetings in December, 1952, triggered Mrs. Preston to inform Fr. J. D. K. Baker of their activities and outlaid reasons why they couldn’t frequently worship at St. Thomas and Trinity, except for First Sunday. In response, Fr. Baker instructed Mrs. Preston to conduct prayer meetings in her classroom and he promised to attend service with them every First Sunday. Due to abrupt sickness, Fr. Baker was unable to attend, but rather sent Mr. Lazarus Okeke, who had graduated from Cuttington in November, that same year and was awaiting admission as a Theological student at the School of Divinity the following year, 1953, and service was held in on Sunday, December 12, 1952, in a shanty mat classroom for the first time.

The congregation was composed of 56 persons in attendance, six (6) adults and fifty (50) children. Over a period of time, several priests visited the preaching point. After Fr. Baker, the first ordained minister to officiate at St. Stephen was Fr. Aston King. The first of St. Stephen’s clergy was Fr. J.D.K. Baker. Dwalu Kimber, Emmanuel W. Johnson, Aston King and Jellico Bright as Rectors. The Church has since developed into a huge parish and under the current Rectorship of Rev. Fr. Canon A-Too Williams; St. Stephen has grown with about 1800 members.